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Think of it as a SPRING CLEANING Subtraction Project!

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I’m Cass McCrory, author and creator of Subtraction Project.

Why is it so hard to let go of things that aren’t serving our life? We attach so many feelings to what we have and we put so much meaning on the stuff we surround ourselves with. Subtraction Project helps you remove the excess with different tactics so we find a strategy that helps you subtract what isn’t working.

Subtraction Project helps you remove the excess with different tactics so we find a strategy that helps you subtract what isn’t working.

Of course, it’s not just about the STUFF, it’s about the noise, the negative self-talk, the habits and sometimes (I’m cringing a little because this one is so tough) the people. It’s not about subtracting all of this from your life necessarily, it’s about removing its influence when it isn’t good for you.

It’s not about subtracting all of this from your life necessarily, it’s about removing its influence when it isn’t good for you.

It’s when you’ve removed the excess that you’re left with a life that is a reflection of how you want to LIVE. As Michelangelo said: “ Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” We’re the artists of our life, you have to chip away at what doesn’t work to uncover the beauty of what does.

We’re the artists of our life, you have to chip away at what doesn’t work to uncover the beauty of what does.

Let me start by saying that I loved this book and I devoured it like a little kid on Halloween night. I finished it and felt a little sad because I wanted more, it is ironic that I consumed a book named nike womens air max 90s orange
so quickly.

This is not a how-to book, this is a beautifulstory of Erin’s life so I’d put it in the inspirational memoir category which made the storytelling rich and fulfilling and had me nodding that her thoughts and perspectives could be mine too. If you are feeling a little lonely: this book will give you great company.

There’s a thread in this book that really spoke to me. As the title suggests Erin is on a path of Chasing Slow, living with intentions and seeking flow ( air jordan shorts for sale
) and yet there is this thread of entrepreneurial spirit, pure ambition, and curiosity in the great experiment of life that keeps drawing her attention away from slow. I half wanted her to find the perfect equilibrium of slow ambition because I deeply want a model for how that looks…but I see how the ebb of all of this and how there is not a resolution is even more perfect because as aspirational as that might feel it’s not all that realistic.

When we think about beauty, one of the typical things to come to mind are flowers - the fantastic works of nature that keep delighting us with their extraordinary forms, countless colours and marvellous smells. They are a true pleasure to our eyes, our nose... They are the most beautiful decoration you can think of and always make a good gift.

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For ages, flowers have been a decorative element, whether fresh or just as a painted ornament. They have decorated walls, floors, ceilings and fabrics. Not much has changed in that respect, perhaps only one thing - these days we don’t need to hire an artist to paint the floral decorations on the wall. All we need to do is to choose from our wide range of FLORAL WALLPAPERS. REMOVABLE FLORAL WALLPAPERS give you a chance to decorate walls with floral patterns, much like with an artistic fresco. PEEL AND STICK FLOWER WALLPAPERS offer romantic roses, elegant bouquets, rich baroque arrangements with peonies and dahlias or royal peonies.Our graphic designers created the FLORAL WALLPAPERS following the newest trends in interior design so if you prefer something more modern, you will also be able to find something you like. Our PEEL AND STICK FLORAL WALLPAPERS come either with traditional pictures or drawings that show flowers in a more graphic, monochromatic way. Browsing through the dozens of patterns of our REMOVABLE WALLPAPERS, you will find plants from the whole world - colourful tropical flowers, palm trees or sun-loving cactuses, which have recently been very popular.

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✓ Innovative PeelStick material, which alows to be applied and peeled multiple times!✓ Digitally printed, removable with matte finish✓ Sticks to any flat surface

Our FLORAL WALLPAPERS not only show subtle, delicate, feminine, floral themes but also amazing, majestic works of nature. You can also find PEEL AND STICK FLORAL WALLPAPERS which show old-fashioned illustrations, as if taken out straight from grandma’s herbarium, beautiful views you might see during a relaxing walk in the spring or postcards from the most distant parts of the world which show thick, leafy, exotic jungles full of breath-taking flora. A FLORAL WALLPAPER is good for the bedroom, the living room. It also works great in the kitchen, especially that it is washable so stains won't be a problem. Flowers are perfect for almost any kind of space. So, if you choose a FLORAL REMOVABLE WALLPAPER with little roses, you’re going to get a romantic interior. If you want a rustic interior, go for wild flowers, and if you are thinking of something modern, bright and intense graphics with plants should be perfect. There is a reason why flowers have been used as decoration for ages - trust the traditional solutions and choose a FLORAL PEEL AND STICK WALLPAPER for your interior.

Don't worry about forgetting to start or stop a timer for billing your clients — Timing is automatic time tracking at its best.Timing even automatically detects when you stop using your Mac, to avoid counting idle time.

Timing has automatic productivity tracking built right in.You can assign productivity scores to all your projects and track how your productivity improves over time.

Timing automatically tracks every app, document and website you use — including the full file path or URL. This makes assigning time tracking data much easier and more accurate.

Timing can always show your productivity score in the status bar, so you get real-time feedback on how you are doing. Challenge yourself to keep getting better and better scores over time!

When you spend time away from your Mac, you can still add it in Timing — in fact, nike air max thea grey yellow rug
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See what you did in any week, day, or hour.And when you are finished, export the data as PDF, XLSX, CSV or HTML to create timesheets and invoices. If you are freelancing, you'll love it.

Simply drag and drop your activities into projects to categorize the time you spent. And if you ⌥-drag, Timing will create a rule to save you even more time.

And if you ⌥-drag, Timing will create a rule to save you even more time.

Timing tracks all app usage on your Mac.But not only that — it can also detect when you have stopped using your Mac and pause tracking accordingly.And once you return to your Mac, it can even ask you what you did, so you'll never forget time spent e.g. in meetings!

Mostly working in the browser? No problem!Websites you visit are tracked as well — as are chat apps like Messages, Slack, Skype, and others.

as are chat apps like Messages, Slack, Skype,

Timing is a native Mac time tracker.Not a slow web app that hogs your memory — just blazing speed.

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never leave your Mac

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Architectural enthusiasts lauded Goodhue's irreverent and uncommon style of the exposition. C. Matlack Price wrote an article in Architectural Record explaining why Goodhue's design was so praiseworthy. He wrote that the exposition expressed "the history, resources, prosperity, industries, and products, as well as the golden-lined future promise of the Southwest." He also believed that design was both "historically and locally appropriate" even though the styles of the buildings looked like "a sort of architectural buffoonery, yet actually a style of strange and peculiar delight." (Page 234-239)

On page one of the January 1, 1915 San Diego Union , a reporter describes the ornate and intricate architecture of the California Quadrangle's buildings. The pictures below illustrate Goodhue's design style:

At the top stands the statue of Fra Junipero Serra to whose labors was due in great measure the real start of civilization on the coast of what is now the United States. At one side stands Cabrillo, the discoverer of 1542... At the other is Vicsaino, the explorer of 1602, beneath the bust of Philip II of Spain... and across the arch is Fray Jaumo, the first white martyr. It is a pictorial history of the American west coast.

The article continues to discuss the ambiance created by the architecture and use of a Spanish Myth:

The dimly lighted grounds through which first visitors passed on their way to the Isthmus never before seemed to cast the enchantment of last night. Dark-eyed Spanish girls in their striking gowns of Old Spain danced in the mellow gloom of patios which might have been hundreds of years old... From different parts of the grounds came the strains of bands playing Spanish airs, and now and then the voice of a senorita broke through in happy melody. The air was surcharged with romance, redolent with sweet breath from 640 acres of blooming fairyland and teeming with the atmosphere of a long time since passed and made possible only by blending the old with the new.

(January 1, 1915 pg 1)

The lily ponds in front of the Botanical Building. (

Opening day of the 1915 Exposition. nike roshe sizing review on laides

Feeding the pigeons in 1915. air jordan retro 4 bred 2012 price

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Balboa Park's midway in 1915. nike air jordan retro 11 shoes 2015

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