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A judge Monday sentenced the former director of the 14th Ward youth baseball association in Pittsburgh to more than two decades of probation for stealing thousands of dollars and ordered him to pay more than $200,000 in restitution.

But Jeffrey Rosenthal of Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood and his attorney, Chris Rand Eyster, plan to fight not only the sentence, but the conviction as well.

"We're relieved that the court found it appropriate to impose a probation sentence, however there are going to be a number of issues that are going to be raised in post-sentencing motions that will go toward getting Mr. Rosenthal a new trial," Eyster said.

Chief among those will be a claim of ineffective counsel: Rosenthal's first defense attorney, Kevin Abramovitz, was arrested Feb. 2 on accusations he left a friend to die of an opioid overdose and ditched the man's body in a Squirrel Hill alley.

That incident allegedly occurred June 24, though Abramovitz was not arrested for seven more months. Rosenthal's trial took place in early October. He was found guilty of theft-related charges and forgery following a jury trial Oct. 5.

Jurors convicted him of stealing $162,000 from 14th Ward and $85,000 from the Taylor Allderdice Alumni Association.

"It's been a devastating process from day one," Rosenthal said Monday following sentencing. "Finding out about my attorney and what was happening in his life, (it) made a lot of sense why things went certain ways in my initial trial."

Eyster tried to introduce his own forensic accounting evidence during sentencing, but Common Pleas Judge Kevin Sasinoski stopped him, saying such matters should be raised as post-sentencing motions.

"Central to a proper defense for Mr. Rosenthal was a presentation of forensic evidence showing that he didn't steal anything," Eyster said. "That was lacking in this case."

An investigation began in 2015 when Taylor Allderdice High School's parent-teacher organization prepared to take over the alumni association. The new treasurer noticed checks written from the alumni association to the 14th Ward Baseball Association and from the baseball association to Rosenthal, investigators said.

Rosenthal wrote 745 checks to himself totaling $288,000 between September 2009 and October 2015, according to an affidavit. When interviewed by investigators, he claimed the money was used to fund trophies, T-shirts, equipment and a new roof for the 14th Ward's concession stand, authorities said. He said he wrote the check to reimburse himself for purchases he made for the league, according to a criminal complaint.

Quartiles are useful, but they are also somewhat limited because they do not take into account every score in our group of data. To get a more representative idea of spread we need to take into account the actual values of each score in a data set. The absolute deviation, variance and standard deviation are such measures.

The absolute and mean absolute deviation show the amount of deviation (variation) that occurs around the mean score. To find the total variability in our group of data, we simply add up the deviation of each score from the mean. The average deviation of a score can then be calculated by dividing this total by the number of scores. How we calculate the deviation of a score from the mean depends on our choice of statistic, whether we use absolute deviation, variance or standard deviation .

Perhaps the simplest way of calculating the deviation of a score from the mean is to take each score and minus the mean score. For example, the mean score for the group of 100 students we used earlier was 58.75 out of 100. Therefore, if we took a student that scored 60 out of 100, the deviation of a score from the mean is 60 - 58.75 = 1.25. It is important to note that scores above the mean have positive deviations (as demonstrated above), whilst scores below the mean will have negative deviations.

To find out the total variability in our data set, we would perform this calculation for all of the 100 students' scores. However, the problem is that because we have both positive and minus signs, when we add up all of these deviations, they cancel each other out, giving us a total deviation of zero. Since we are only interested in the deviations of the scores and not whether they are above or below the mean score, we can ignore the minus sign and take only the absolute value, giving us the absolute deviation . Adding up all of these absolute deviations and dividing them by the total number of scores then gives us the mean absolute deviation (see below). Therefore, for our 100 students the mean absolute deviation is 12.81, as shown below:

absolute deviation

Another method for calculating the deviation of a group of scores from the mean, such as the 100 students we used earlier, is to use the variance. Unlike the absolute deviation, which uses the absolute value of the deviation in order to "rid itself" of the negative values, the variance achieves positive values by squaring each of the deviations instead. Adding up these squared deviations gives us the sum of squares, which we can then divide by the total number of scores in our group of data (in other words, 100 because there are 100 students) to find the variance (see below). Therefore, for our 100 students, the variance is 211.89, as shown below:

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I definitely and most certainly will suggest this shop! Perfect to me!


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April 19th, 2018 Imani Winds

April 19th, 2018 Imani Winds

The Imani Winds is Chamber Music Northwest’s Artists-in-Residence for the 2017-18 Season and they make a special appearance on Thursdays @ Three! Extolled by the Philadelphia Inquirer as “what triumph sounds like”, Imani Winds has established itself as one of the most successful chamber music ensembles in the United States. Since 1997, the Grammy-nominated quintet has taken a unique path, carving out a distinct presence in the classical music world with its dynamic playing, culturally poignant programming, adventurous collaborations, and inspirational outreach programs. With two member composers and a deep commitment to commissioning new work, the group is enriching the traditional wind quintet repertoire while meaningfully bridging European, American, African and Latin American traditions.

April 26th, 2018 Portland Opera – Rigoletto

April 26th, 2018 Portland Opera – Rigoletto

Powerhouse American baritone Stephen Powell returns to Portland Opera as Rigoletto—the court jester who amuses a philandering and immoral Duke. A clown in public, but a doting and protective father to his beloved Gilda in private, Rigoletto’s life will change forever when his mockery goes too far, and results in a fateful curse. Join Portland Opera for a Thursdays @ Three preview of their upcoming performances which take place May 4 – 12.

Visit the Past Performances page for archived playlists

Thursdays @ Three Host Christa Wessel

I love exploring Oregon’s nooks and crannies. Since arriving here in 2007, I’ve fallen particularly hard for the Owyhee desert in the far reaches of Southeast Oregon, the rolling high hills surrounding the Deschutes River, and the magically blue waters of Crater Lake. I love camping and hiking but haven’t yet become the toughened sort of Portlander who trudges out in the rainy season… so instead I spend the winter months sheltered inside our area’s concert halls soaking up local culture.

I had once hoped to be a professional French horn player – I attended Northwestern University with that aspiration, but after I realized how much practicing would be involved I ended up graduating with a degree in Arts Administration instead! I still tootle, though… I play 4th horn for the Sunnyside Symphony Orchestra ( ).

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