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The Castle High School community is grieving the loss of another student.

We're told 16-year-old Davis Collier,of Newburgh,was killed on Saturday shortly after 10 p.m. Accordingto the Newburgh Police Department, officers responded to a sledding accidenton French Island Trail atthe Old Lock and Damin Newburgh.

Police said Collier was hit by a car when her sled entered the road right inthe path of an oncoming vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

We're told the road is closed where the accident happened.

The road is closed right now where Castle HS student Davis Collier was killed last night after her sled went into oncoming traffic.

The driver, 20-year-old Galina Witte of Evansville, was arrestedand is facing Operating While Intoxicated with a Prior Conviction and Operating While Intoxicated Endangering charges.

The investigation is ongoing by the NPD and the Warrick County Sheriff's Office. Additional charges may be filed, according to officials.

Castle High School's Principal, Doug Gresham, released this statement:

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the Collier family upon the loss of their daughter, Davis. Davis was a junior at Castle High School. The Warrick County School Corporation Crisis Response Team, which is made up of school professionals, counselors, social workers, and school psychologists, is on site to provide support to everyone who has been affected by this tragedy. This tragic accident affects the entire Castle community. Our primary mission is to be here to support students, staff, and families in this time of need.

At 2 p.m. Sunday, Castle will open its auditorium for students to gather and grieve with each other and talk with counselors.

Our family is grieving the loss of Davis Collier. The auditorium at CHS will be open at 2:00 today so students can gather to grieve together and talk with counselors.

Amy Ulrey, a blue nike roshes womens
, will also be at the school to help students. A Facebook post from Ulrey states a crisis team will also be there for those in need.

"Until further notice, The Newburgh Town Council has closed French Island Trail to traffic along the riverfront between Westervelt Drive and State Street," - Major Jonathan Scully stated in the press release.

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From the Latin word calx , lime. Though lime was prepared by the Romans in the first century under the name calx, the metal was not discovered until 1808. After learning that Berzelius and Pontin prepared calcium amalgam by electrolyzing lime in mercury, Davy was able to isolate the impure metal.

Calcium, a metallic element, is fifth in abundance in the earth's crust, of which it forms more than 3%. It is an essential constituent of leaves, bones, teeth, and shells. Never found in nature uncombined, it occurs abundantly as limestone, gypsum, and fluorite. Apatite is the fluorophosphate or chlorophosphate of calcium.

The metal has a silvery color, is rather hard, and is prepared by electrolysis of fused chloride and calcium fluoride (to lower the melting point).

Chemically it is one of the alkaline earth elements; it readily forms a white coating of nitride in air, reacts with water, burns with a yellow-red flame.

The metal is used as a reducing agent in preparing other metals such as thorium, uranium, zirconium, etc., and is used as a deoxidizer, desulfurizer, or decarburizer for various ferrous and nonferrous alloys. It is also used as an alloying agent for nike free 5 womens red uk magazine
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alloys, and serves as a "getter" for residual gases in vacuum tubes, etc.

Its natural and prepared compounds are widely used. Quicklime (CaO), which is made by heating limestone that is changed into slaked lime by carefully adding water, is the great base of chemical refinery with countless uses.

When mixed with sand, it hardens mortar and plaster by taking up carbon dioxide from the air. Calcium from limestone is an important element in Portland cement.

Solubility of the carbonate in water containing carbon dioxide is high, which causes the formation of caves with stalactites and stalagmites and is responsible for hardness in water. Other important compounds are the carbide, chloride, cyanamide, hypochlorite, nitrate, and sulfide.

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A nine-month stint with The Associated Press brought Sandra to Detroit…27years ago. She has a bachelor’s in journalism and history from Indiana University, and along the wayadded twomaster’s degrees, one in library and information science and another in public administration, both from Wayne State University. Sandra has worked forThe (Toledo) Blade covering education/children’s issues,Detroit’s Metro Times and FEMA , where she deployed to Louisiana to help coordinate/communicate about community rebuilding/planning efforts for/after disasters. Sandra haswon awards for broadcast, print, digital and community engagement workfrom the Michigan Associated Press, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters,Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, State Bar of Michigan, Michigan Press Association and Society of Professional Journalists-Detroit chapter. WSU ’s Public Administration program named her Alum of the Year in 2015 for her WDET work covering Detroit’s bankruptcy. Sandra teaches adjunct faculty at Wayne State (political science)and UM -Dearborn (graduate public administration program). She volunteers with air jordan 13 gs online
and with nike air jordans flight club
. She loves her husband, dog, bicycle, usually in that order. Find her sailing on the Detroit River in her sparetime.


March 21, 2018

The new federal tax plan has a program to steer development to poor neighborhoods. State officials are not designing it that way, Bridgereports.

March 6, 2018

Mayor Duggan gives his 2018 address. Listen at 101.9 FM , watch ithere.

Jan. 19, 2018 on air jordans 11 pink

What will the term-limited Snyder say in his last State of the Stateaddress?

Jan. 9, 2018

Three casinos report paying $113 million to city, Detroit’s third largest revenuesource.

Dec. 28, 2017

A WDET analysis helps you understand how to get records and documents from yourmunicipality.

Dec. 27, 2017

Governmental transparency advocate lobbies to guarantee access to governor, legislature’s publicrecords.

The information that is really helpful for the public to know often is really difficult toget.”

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