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A conference about JavaScript

Tickets available • EUR 159 (incl. VAT)

Creator of Vue.js, Hackensack, NJ

Deque Systems, Bellingham, WA

Microsoft, London, UK

RxJS core team, Creator of Cycle.js, Helsinki, FI

Netlify, St. Albans, UK, Berlin, DE

Thoughtworks, Sydney, Australia

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All prices include VAT. Buying via Tito also gets you an invoice. Tickets are not refundable, but re-assignable.

Script is a 100% independent one-day, curated and handcrafted JavaScript event for the community, happening in Linz, Austria. Join us on January 19, 2018 for a day (and night) of fun, inspiration and education.

ScriptConf in Linz, Austria – if you want all the good with none of the drama. nike roshe run floral print comprar boletos
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Chris "codepo8" Heilmann, Microsoft

If you want to see what awaits you at Script'18, check out our sale on nike free 5 running shoe
. It contains all the details on our event.

Doors and registration


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will talk on

The Journey to Full Time Open Source

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will talk on

Radically Accessible Internet Applications 💯

Coffee break powered by epunkt

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will talk on

Hop on the serverless adventure with NodeJS

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will talk on

Creating Augmented Reality Apps with Web Technology

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will talk on

Cycle.js on pen and paper

Dinner powered by

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will talk on

Next wave infrastructure - do far more with much less

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will talk on

Look mum, no hands!

Closing + Party 🎉 powered by Dynatrace

Script'17 takes place at nike air max thea premium sneakers desert camo
, Landstraße 36, 4020 Linz. Originally one of the first cinemas in Linz, it has become one of the top locations for concerts and events in the steel city.

The Central lives up to its name and is in the center of Linz, directly next to the Mozartstraße tram station. See how to get to the venue and to Linz in general cheap freestyle bmx bikes


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